China is blazing hot with UFOs these days

Another photo has emerged from China.  I first saw this reported over at Ghost Theory.

Nothing about it seems particularly compelling to me.  Three orbs of light appear to be in the sky over Leshan, China.  As an avid photographer, I can tell you these kind of odd looking “phenomena” appear in photos taken through windows and during certain lighting conditions (think early dawn, dusk, stormy weather, etc).

Just taking a gander at the photo, it is hard to determine much of anything.  However, there is a faint crowning effect over the orbs that might indicate a reflection.

A possible explanation floated by some scientists is that it is a sun dog (also called a mock sun, false sun or parhelion).  Sun dogs are explained as bright spots caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals.  Google image search gives some spectacular views, but you can see that they don’t look exactly like the Leshan image.

Interestingly, as the Geekosystem article linked above mentions, Leshan is plagued by air pollution.  This can only add to the funky lighting issues that will crop up in photos.

A number of factors make this a less than convincing photo of a flying object.  A single photo always leaves a lot to be desired.  Let’s see some corroborating photos from different locations or a series of photos from one camera as the phenomenon was reported to have lasted for minutes.

Even this Chinese article seems unwilling to call the photo evidence of anything other than a lighting effect.  I should also note that Professor Wang Sichao is quoted in that article.  He seems to be popping up tons.  He had comments about the alleged UFO that shut down a Chinese airport and recently made a predictions as to when craft might appear overhead.

I’m going with lighting effect on this one.


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One Response to China is blazing hot with UFOs these days

  1. autumnforest says:

    Well, I must admit, as someone who has photographed a ridiculous amount of orbs, the air here in the desert, with super high particulates, gives me orbs much like that. We assume they are in the sky, but they are truly just particles near the lens. There is nothing about them that seems to signify something solid and craft-like and should you have 3 objects below the cloud cover that low to the ground–radar would have gotten it and no doubt the paranoid Chinese military would be upon them in seconds. So, yeah, not thinking it’s anything abnormal. Good find. I hadn’t seen this one. I’m glad to see China is also plagued with the UFO mystique. I guess it says they have joined the rest of the world and are current on trends…

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