GHI or abduction?

I think I saw the latest episode of Ghost Hunters International last night.  I attempted to at any rate.  What I seem to have now is merely a missing time incident and a mild throbbing in the back of my skull.

All I can say for sure is that I don’t recall anything about the show, but I am definitely missing an hour of my life.  There is a black hole where that hour should be.  I am deeply concerned about this.

There was a time when the unique locations and the myths of mysterious foreign lands was enough to entertain me.  I don’t even get much joy from that anymore.  I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when they subtitle English spoken with an accent.  It is really distracting.  I find myself staring at the words and not the speaker.  Subtitles would be more helpful when GH visits New Orleans or Maine than it was in this instance.

Dear Anyone In TV Programming Land,

I am waiting.  You need only drop something interesting in this time slot and buy me a six-pack and I am yours.

Your loving admirer,



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2 Responses to GHI or abduction?

  1. autumnforest says:

    I’m with you! I have a few concepts for awesomely wicked ghost-related/spooky paranormal shows. Should anyone decide to approach me, I will gladly inform them of what people want to see. Here’s a teaser “The Monster in The Closet” which would be basically adults talking about something paranormal that happened as a kid and terrified them. Take them back to the place where it happened. Let them tell the story and come to some kind of resolution about what occurred, perhaps even staying the night in that room while being filmed. Let people visit past horrors of childhood and let a nice psychic and therapist help them through the resolution of unanswered questions about “what was the monster in the closet?” Six-pack is on me, Pangs

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