Reaper or Scream Villain?

Ghost photo speculation.  It’s one of my favorite Internet Sporting Activities.

Take a gander as this grandma and her ghost…..and the GRIM REAPER!

Take a good look behind the woman, to the left.  There it is.  What do you mean you can’t quite make it out?  Go take your pills and get back to me.

OK, now you see it.  I am going to speculate that any reaper in that photo is connected to that red van.  That’s a classic serial killer van, I tell you.

And for fans of drinking games…..take a shot for usage of  “did not notice the [X] in the picture until”.

Any speculation as to what grandma is drinking?  If it was my granny, it’s a salty dog.  I have no empirical evidence of my own that the salty dog isn’t the drink of choice for all grannies, so that’s what I’m guessing.

Also, let’s get used to the term “pareidolia”.  I will be using it frequently.  It is a viable explanation for many, many freakish images.  Most of them, in fact, other than that demonic face that is in the wood grain on my bathroom floor.  That thing is out for me.

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1 Response to Reaper or Scream Villain?

  1. autumnforest says:

    Okay, so I’m a total debunker cause all I saw is the one thing the most people send me pics of–a face in a tree. Yeah, I see an evil face in the tree. Didn’t even notice grandpa. Haha

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