Demonic Real Estate is a Great Investment in this Market!

The house that was the center of the Amityville Horror tale has been on the market and looks to have a buyer.

I have to say, the property looks fantastic.

On the market at $1.15M, the current owner paid $310,000 in 1997.  It looks like that owner put a lot of rehab love into the home.  The house, boathouse, and grounds like pristine.

I have always had a fascination for the story and the house.  Having been born on Long Island, I never missed on opportunity to demand a look at the house.  Ahhhh, you always want what you can’t have.  My mother simply did not share my yearning.

The story itself and the 1979 movie are creepy and have all the tricks to frighten a youngster.  I mean, who doesn’t find the name Jodie creepy?  Not to mention a crazy-eyed, bearded man; fallen Catholics turning to the Church – which is unable to help; swarms of flies; upended crucifix; cloven hoofprints; and legendary murders.

I’m sure the supposed buyer (active community members already) will be happy in his new digs if the sale is closed.

What is really sad to me is that the Amityville Horror House Project will not get a shot at the house.  I’ve always wanted to see a serious group take up residence in a haunted location for a lengthy live-in investigation.  Granted, this probably wasn’t the best house for such an experiment.  Given the questions that surround the whole episode, it would be a ton of time, effort and cost to put toward a lame duck haunted location.  Not to mention that subsequent owners have never had anything negative to say about the location.

The Newsday article does mention that Joel Rifkin’s former LI home is on the market.  And at a much more reasonable $424,500.

Any takers?


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4 Responses to Demonic Real Estate is a Great Investment in this Market!

  1. autumnforest says:

    Dang! That was my proposal today on my post about the review of FoF. I think it’d be awesome to have a team staying in a place like that for a period of time with it well filmed like Big Brother house and them running around with equipment and sleeping in the daytime. This house has fascinated me a lot too. I loved the original movie–with the pig sounds and the red glowing eyes and then when the lady said “it’s the portal to hell” or whatever–that was creepy! I remember being afraid to sleep that night. It probably didn’t help that I lived in a haunted house when it came out. The new owners could make a fortune just letting teams go in and investigate and make back the mortgage in no time. I found that the place didn’t really have good elements for a haunting and that everyone that was killed there was killed in their sleep didn’t make for anguish to be imprinted.

  2. autumnforest says:

    Oh man, yeah. So will James Brolin with an ungroomed beard…

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