Saturday Night Fever

I spent a good chunk of last night talking with a conservative political conspiracist.  I may have been egging him on just a little, but I really wanted to hear everything.  It isn’t every day that I get the opportunity for face-to-face dialogue with someone whose dogma so controverts mine.

It was warm and the city had a nice Saturday summer glow.  Music from a street festival flowed in the background.  The transformative magic of liquor and starlight produced a lively (and relatively civilized) discussion of politics and the economy.

Crazy rained down.  I pondered information flow and irrationality.  Then I sat down and had another beer.

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2 Responses to Saturday Night Fever

  1. autumnforest says:

    You are freaking brave, Pangs. You don’t want to hear my conservations with conservatives. I immasculate them immediately. My Saturday night seems rather tame. I did naked pool dancing with my best buddy in the rain and then we did drunk karoke. Oh, in fact, tomorrow’s post has the video–not of the pool–of the karaoke. Now, that’s a Saturday night.

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