Look Ma! Sea serpent…or something

The Daily Mail has a report of a “mystery sea creature”.  As usual, the pictures are no help.  The reported “creature” was seen 30 yards off the coast.  The sighting occurred at 3:30 pm.

The photographer saw the “creature” 20 meters (about 66 feet) from the bay.  The photographs are from a further distance as the animal moved further off as the witness readied her camera.

Witnesses seem to be indicating something the size of a sea lion, with flippers fore and aft, greenish brown and chasing fish.  Possibly a shell.

The creature was spotted off the Devon coast at Saltern Cove, Paignton, by locals who reported a sighting of what they thought was a turtle.

Experts are mentioned, but not cited.

However, someone has somehow determined, based on these awesomely detail-free pictures, that the animal is definitely not a turtle.

The pictures don’t look much like what was described, but that might be because the pictures don’t look much like anything.  Or perhaps the snaps look a little like anything.  It’s all in your perspective.

My perspective doesn’t really give me any reason to believe people were witness to anything out of the ordinary.  Regardless of the fact that there are some witnesses that are unsure of what they saw.  At a distance, looking out over the ocean….that isn’t terribly unusual or concerning.

I am not sure why anyone would need to jump to an extraordinary answer to this rather ordinary event.

Unidentified is not a dirty word, but it often tries to be.  Don’t let it.


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3 Responses to Look Ma! Sea serpent…or something

  1. Soraya says:

    I don’t know how common they are, but…. It may be possible it was an Oarfish… They’re serpent like. :-p And seeing it from that distance means they might not have seen the whole thing. They grow pretty large too.

    Just a thought

  2. autumnforest says:

    It’s definitely nothing more than the curl of a wave. Seen tons of those on the Chesapeake growing up and they called it “Chessie.” Oh brother!

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