A cad will be revealed…one way or another

I just got around to reading this Cryptomundo post.  (I told you I’m super-duper busy!)

The story has all the hallmarks of crypto cliché.

  • Alleged video unconfirmed by any unbiased or non-sympathetic third party
  • Unnamed videographer
  • Promotion of a big reveal on TV
  • Vague but extraordinary claims

What we can glean from the press is there exists alleged film footage of crypto creature Cadborosaurus.  Fifteen of them no less; filmed swimming in an Alaskan bay.  The videographer filmed the creatures from a boat and “close-up”.  The story now appears to be in the hands of long-time Cadborosaurus researcher, Jason Walton.

The footage is to be revealed sometime in September on The Discovery Channel.  Yes, this bit of info sets off my alarms.  No, it doesn’t discount the possibility that this is legit.

However, I find it hard to believe that an actual monumental discovery would follow the progression of sighting, evidence, sympathetic eyes, tailored for entertainment TV show.  How about some serious scientific review followed by a legit announcement complete with confirmation and further study?  When something so incredible happens, it isn’t usually possible (or desirable) to hold out on full disclosure until you get your TV special in the can.  Not to besmirch Mr. Walton or his confederates, but if this isn’t exactly and definitively what it is claimed to be, then everyone has been done a disservice yet again.

Perhaps this will be as astonishing as the new monkey species found in the Colombian jungle.  Most enthusiasts would probably settle for a convincingly unidentifiable creature as opposed to the all-too-common North American Aqua-Blob.  I don’t suggest anyone hold their breath in expectation.

I haven’t seen the footage and can’t say with certainty that this isn’t exactly what those promoting it claim.  Nevertheless, I would lay odds that this story follows the trail of so many similar events of the past.  I’m sure it will be a grand spectacle for people concerned with such things either way.

As the saying goes, TOGTFO!

Relevant Victory News item published Aug 2, 2010


Keep following the saga:

Cryptomundo post explaining it all from John Kirk’s perspective.  Lots of definitive statements.

More explanation from Kirk.  Some less definitive statements.  Also Kirk mentions in the comments section “The footage will be shown on Discovery Channel as part of the Deadliest Catch stable of shows.”  We all love Deadliest Catch, so this makes complete sense.  Though, admittedly, I don’t think Caddy can take the place of Captain Phil Harris.  He was that cool.

I’m sure it’ll all be as clear as mud in no time at all.


A few more comments over at CM.

Yeah, still TOGTFO.  The time for talkin’ is ovah.


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2 Responses to A cad will be revealed…one way or another

  1. autumnforest says:

    Yeah, this one’s legit. Instead of being displayed in a refrigerator, it’ll be in a refrigerator box. There’s actually a cottage industry of BF videographers who make cash off of supposedly real video. Look at Biscardi, he’s like the Ringling Brothers of the BF industry. I will still, no doubt, be watching the reveal. They have us hooked, you know?

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