I watched The Descent: Part 2 yesterday.

It was pretty good.  Decent even.  Especially if you are a fan of the first one.

In the first movie, a group of cute women enter an uncharted cave system in the Appalachians.  It’s dark and things don’t go real swell.  I’m talking slimy underground mutant style uncool.  One young lady survives, which is really handy because if she didn’t, the second movie would have been totally different.

In the “making of” portion of the DVD, the director (Most likely, it could have been anybody.  I don’t recall.  It was somebody, I assure you….maybe I’ll go look…*) mentions wanting to make the second movie seem like the resolution of the first movie.  He did a pretty good job of this.  TD:P2 has a full circle feel about it.  The first movie left some things unsaid.  This one answers some.  More or less.

The creatures were the same, but more diverse.  And more visible, it seemed.  The creatures in the first film skittering around and were just glimpsed more often than confronted.  The most recent incarnation of mutants didn’t seem as cockroach-like.  In one sense there was no need as we had already seen them in their full glory.  Nevertheless, I like the claustrophobic feel achieved when you only see in brief, violent splashes of light.

The cast was more diverse as well.  Here we have the typical grizzled vet Sheriff, a female officer, and some capable and eye-friendly rescue personnel.  And of course – our heroine.

The circumstances by which our survivor ends up back in the cave system are suspect (read that as “super lame”) at best.  I’m not sure there was a great way to get her back underground so quickly, which was a key part of the story.  They are searching for those lost girls you know.

So…I let that bit of hooey go in an effort to enjoy the movie.  This tactic helped immensely.  I wasn’t watching Citizen Kane.  It seemed best to just roll with it.

There were some other failures though.  I found the Sheriff to be out of place in this movie.  He belongs in Final Destination: The Mine Shaft.  I don’t think it was the actor so much as some bad lines (was that supposed to be cheesy funny?… had to be…didn’t it?) and a rather idiotic character who enters our movie like Godzilla and stomps absentmindedly through the movie until the locals decided they’d had enough.  The rest of the characters are rather with it and sensible given the circumstances and are the coolest cats in town in comparison.

The Sheriff does some seriously goofy stuff:  firearm shenanigans, handcuff inanity and an demeanor completely out of tune with the situation.  The guy is the product of an unholy union between Barney Fife and Biff Tannen with a dastardly Vandyke.

On the positive side, I liked the Juno character and it was good to see her again.  She really helped get my attention back on target, which was a decent monster movie.  Even if the final scene made me want to kick the TV in (yes, it was obviously heading that way from the very first scene of the movie, but still).

*No, I still haven’t checked.  I will.  Really, I will.

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