So many frightening things come from Alaska

You betcha!

The Discovery Channel is airing an episode of River Monsters at 10PM Eastern tonight.

The episode, “Alaskan Horrors,” unleashes on us host Jeremy Wade’s search for the Iliamna Lake Monster.  Despite Wade’s failure to locate the lake monster, he does manage to land a northern pike and a sturgeon.  Bravo.

Discovery, Alaska, water monster.

I’m starting to see a trend.

As for River Monsters, the show is no great shakes, but it’ll pass the time when you find yourself in some TV doldrums.  It has cool locations and sharp teeth going for it.

Wade strikes no positive chords in me.  I would rather watch Fish Warrior on National Geographic TV with Jakub Vagner.  Sure, he’s a little goofy, but I would love to have a beer and swap stories with him.

You make the call…



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2 Responses to So many frightening things come from Alaska

  1. autumnforest says:

    Step away from the TV, honey. I have to crack up at some of the shows out there. What do you think of the deforestation of America in the NW and the swamps? What do you think of crab fisherman looting the oceans? I’m wondering when they’ll have some kind of reality show for folks who work in coal mining or radiation disposal??? Yahoo for nature! I admit that I hardly ever watch Discovery anymore and never ever watch TLC. Remember the old days when TLC had actual learning shows and documentaries? Damn, I feel old!

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