DNA Sample from Sumatra

The hair evidence collected during Adam Davies’ expedition to Sumatra in Sept 2009 have been analyzed.  Prelim results indicate something resembling an orangutan.

Seems like they may be on the trail of a new ape species or a group of orangutan that has not been documented by the scientific community as of yet.

New species are always exciting, but the news rarely gets much notice.  This one probably will.  Primarily because the expedition was on the hunt for the orang pendek.  Though less known than his big brother, Sasquatch, the ability of news outlets to tag the story with cryptid-style mysteriousness makes it a more appealing news blurb.  Additionally, the discovery of something the size of an orangutan is significantly more unusual than the discovery of a new insect species.

Oh, don’t worry, I wasn’t going to let this story go without some curmudgeonly commentary.

The link quotes an expedition member as saying “if the hair turns out to be from a new species, it would be the first confirmed upright walking ape.”

I’m going to say there is a lot of analysis and trail humping to do before being able to confirm that this would be an “upright walking ape.”

One of the expedition members is said to have had a sighting of the animal during the last expedition.  There are also plenty of local tales regarding the animal in question.

Nevertheless, I’m not willing to hyperjump from “DNA analysis of the hairs appears to resemble that of an orang-utan” all the way to “upright walking ape.”


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2 Responses to DNA Sample from Sumatra

  1. autumnforest says:

    Yeah, do they know what his favorite color is too? hee hee. Yeah, I have always believed in the orang pendak; ideal place, ideal descriptions, nothing fanciful but something very real sounding. It definitely rings true and we will close in on this poor creature sooner than we think, but how we handle it–that’s a real show of how evolved we are from his relatives.

    • I.M. Pangs says:

      Given the history with this particular cryptid, the descriptions and the location, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they finally locate an ape of some kind. I also won’t be surprised when they discover there is only 9 of them left in existence.

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