He’s up from the sewers and nobody’s safe!

I live in the city, but sometimes if I squint into the sun it doesn’t seem so out of touch with the untamed.  I live among a pocket of parks, snuggled up to the river.  It’s perfect for running the trails with the dog and kayaking on the river (just don’t touch the water, ffs!).

Wildlife has a way of carving existence out of what is available.  Besides the usual small critters, I can catch a glimpse of large deer, foxes, coyotes, birds of prey, droves of feral cats, wading birds, snapping turtles, a cougar…basically a host of clever beasts hiding in plain sight.

Nothing really surprises me.  Other than alligators.  I don’t really expect to see alligators.

Now, the news tells me that a second alligator was spotted.  A 2.5 foot gator was caught by the Chicago Herpetological Society on Aug 6.  On Sunday, another juvenile gator was seen in the same area.  There is photographic evidence and a responding officer saw the gator before it disappeared into the river.  Search efforts were not successful and are expected to resume today, complete with an alligator hunter.

We’ll have to put Colonel Brock on the hunt.


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2 Responses to He’s up from the sewers and nobody’s safe!

  1. autumnforest says:

    Watch out, Pangs! I saw the other day a zebra running through a city and that was pretty freaking funny. We are just mixing it up. I expect to look out in the desert near me and see a Bigfoot stumbling in search of a waterhole any minute now.

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