Even UFOs get delayed at O’Hare Airport

OK, that’s pure speculation on my part, but everyone else gets hassled, delayed and warped by their O’Hare experience.  Why would the UFOs get any better treatment?

Back in November 2006 a number of witnesses claimed to see something unusual over O’Hare Airport here in Chicago.  For a while this was one of those stories that sped around the Interzone and was widely speculated upon.

These stories never die.

Chicago Tribune columnist Jon Hilkevitch addressed his involvement in the story and its reemergence in the spotlight recently.  Nothing new, really.  Same old official answers and same old conspiracy talk.

The most interesting thing to be said about any of this comes toward the end of the article:

the original Tribune story, which with 1.6 million page views to date remains the single most popular story or column in the history of chicagotribune.com. In fact, by Tuesday evening, it had climbed atop the current list of most-viewed stories on the Web site.

Maybe if the Trib had run more UFO stories they wouldn’t have had to sell the Cubs.  Take that, Chicago Tribune, you bloated, out-of-touch gasbag of a newspaper!


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