Why I oughta….

Cryptomundo posts a story from Dallas regarding a chupacabra.  This time, a woman was attacked.  Here’s another story link.  Not much there.

It is, of course, just another mangy dog or coyote or other common four-legged beast after some hard livin’.

I can never decide who annoys me more, the witnesses or the news folks.

If the witness is savvy enough to know what the chupa is alleged to be, I assume she is also aware of what these Texas animals are and how often they have not been determined to be a gnarly, uncategorized goat sucker.  On the other hand, I really shouldn’t assume any sort of knowledge from people in general.

The newstalkers, on the other hand, should be very familiar with these stories.  Reporting “the woman believes” over and over again does not excuse these asshats from informing the public of what else we know.  Namely that the “skinny, malnourished grey creature” very much resembles all the other ragged looking Canidae that have been reported and identified in Texas over the years.  Instead, our gracious news host blithely informs us that the animal “is undergoing testing to determine EXACTLY what it is.”

Their spooky ad hook/soundbite probably got them the viewers they hoped.  Why bother going the distance with the story.  A nice cliffhanger is always better.

Pics.  Check.  Video of wound.  Check.  Crazy story.  Check.  30 seconds of filler.  Check.


Stay classy, San Antonio!

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2 Responses to Why I oughta….

  1. autumnforest says:

    Hee hee. Pangs you are da man! Yeah, those Texans worship G.Bush, so I ain’t to sure if I should trust `em. It reminds me of those teasers the news puts on “why your child could die at school and how you can prevent it at 10!” Then, you watch the whole freaking news and near the end they mention, “schools are not fire-retardant. If there’s a fire, it could go up in flames!”

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