Alien life forms

Not ET, the otherworldly denizens of the deep ocean.

This thing is really wicked.  Go ahead, look at it.  LOOK!  OMG WTF!

I didn’t say it.  Nope.  Not a word.

Using Google translate, the link has this to offer

creature caught in the deep depths of 200 meters.

I don’t know what that is (feel free to let us know) and I’m done trying to find out.  For now.  I’ll probably try to identify it again at some point.  I would really love to know.

Now, 200 meters is about 656.2 feet.  Deep, but not way down deep.  I love this graphic of just how deep deep is.

Who knows what the sperm whales and viperfish are doing in the Bathypelagic Zone.  The whales know things.  Don’t think for a minute they don’t.

Physeter macrocephalus.

Image via Wikipedia

Pacific Viperfish, Chauliodus macouni, Forbidd...

Image by PHYLOMON! via Flickr

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4 Responses to Alien life forms

  1. autumnforest says:

    You know, there’s nothing more fascinating than the stuff in the deepest sea and the things hubble photographs, but apparently sometimes these things are better left in the sea. I know what you’re thinking but I’m thinking it looks like the interior view during intercourse??? Like if you took it from a vaggie cam. ha ha

  2. The whales have always known…

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