Do you believe?

Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster

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I saw this poll on the CBS website.

The question:  Which one of the following do you think is the most likely to actually exist?

Respondents chose one of the following answers:

  • Ghosts
  • UFOs
  • Vampires
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Bigfoot
  • None of the above

This poll was conducted by a CBS News facility.  It entailed calling a random sample of adults, in this case 847 of them.  From the link:

Phone numbers were dialed from random digit dial samples of both standard land-line and cell phones.

I find this a really strange poll.  The sample size is small, but I’ll ignore that.  What is really odd to me is that approximately 59 people (7% of responders) think Vampires are more likely to exist than the other options.  The same amount of people who think Bigfoot or Nessie are the most likely of the options.  I would really like to hear more from the Vamp contingent.  Do you think they felt this way during the Vamp lull between Buffy’s heyday and the new era of sparkly Vamps?

Interestingly, the current tally of online responses does not match the random phone method.  Vamps come in at 0%, Bigfoot 3%, Nessie 2%, UFOs 37% (30% in the random phone poll), Ghosts 32% (33% via phone) and None of the above 26% (11% via phone).  I would assume that there are more responses via the online version, but I don’t know that for a fact.

Of course, responses for another question would try to tell you 82% of people have never experienced sexual harassment at work.  The online polling resulted in a response of 70% saying they have never experienced it.  I’m sure we can make some educated guesses as to why the difference exists given the polling methods.

Anywho…847?  Why couldn’t we get that up to 850? Is it because of Moses?  Perhaps it’s a reference to Moses Gaster.

Those CBS wanks would’ve gotten away with it too….

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2 Responses to Do you believe?

  1. autumnforest says:

    It probably sounds crazy coming from me, but I believe in BF more than ghosts. I’m not sure what the hell ghosts are but if we use the popular belief they’re the trapped souls of humans, don’t know. BF–I’m sure he exists.

    • I.M. Pangs says:

      YOU CRAZY!

      Makes you wonder how many of the respondents were even paying attention. BF needs some more love. Maybe a movie portraying him as an adolescent’s sex fantasy with gorgeous flowing locks and a brooding stare.

      OK, maybe not.

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