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Bubba Sasquatch

Image by roadkillbuddha via Flickr


There is some video of a potential squatch on the McKenzie River in Oregon.  It’s not even new (shot in 2008), but is popping up around the I-zone.

Fortunately, I don’t have to do anything.  GhostTheory did it for me and I happen to agree that the evidence certainly appears to be nothing much at all.

It doesn’t have a hoax feel to it, merely something that happened to be caught on video.  The something that got caught on video is, however, almost certainly just a play of light and vegetation.  Digital video will do this.  Areas that are not the central focus point, are covered in multiple levels of lighting and are in the distance will produce some funky looking shite.

The “moving” aspect of the area in question looks absolutely inorganic when slowed down and analyzed closely.  Additionally, there really isn’t much “movement” at all for such a notoriously shy creature.  Almost as if he’s posing for an Oregon postcard.  That kind of seemingly unnatural behavior (be it a bear or escaped criminal or squatch) smells funny to me.

Obviously, I don’t know The Truth, but my opinion is that there is no there there.  At the very least, it won’t satisfy anyone as a critical piece of evidence.

Some folks can’t stand all these suspect videos, but I have to say I enjoy the prospect of analyzing them (though I certainly would prefer that hoaxes not last 40-plus years).  There is so much available to even couch surfing enthusiasts that allows us to take a critical look at these things.  Not to mention the ability to spread the info faster than kudzu grows over your outhouse.  I just love a good mystery and some free-range researching.  These vids usually fit the bill one way or another.

Thanks to GhostTheory as always for a rational look at the video in question.

Full Disclosure Moment:  Other people have done some video enhancements and come up with entirely different conclusions.  Here and here (old guy with a cane seems a good enough explanation).  And the BFRO take on it.


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2 Responses to More BS

  1. autumnforest says:

    Very nice find. I was reading somewhere that there’s a crapload of cashola to be made on BF vids. Once they hit the internet and spread like a bad rumor, there’s actually money to be made off it. Whodah thunk it? I would like to see something genuinely riveting. I’ve seen a few vids on documentaries that made me play them back over and over again with no conclusion. Pangs, I’m glad you like to play Fact or Faked, but you’re way too damn good for that team!

    • I.M. Pangs says:

      Content is King. Naturally, the bottom dwellers will leverage this for their own gain.

      What is always surprising to me is how many people fail to engage themselves in critical thinking with regard to any of it. Somebody somewhere falls for those scams about unclaimed government cheese, recently dead relatives you never heard of with massive estates just waiting for you, and foreign business magnates requiring your help to liberate billions of dollars from purgatory. It takes a lot less foolishness to watch a vid and scream “THAT WOMAN HAS INDISPUTABLE VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THE WHITE WHALE!”

      Perhaps people are too used to TV. Tune in and remain in power-saving vegetative mode until drowsy. Everyone hasn’t really acclimated to interactivity and filter-less content yet.

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