There is a movie called “The Last Seven” coming out some day in the future.  It has a trailer.  The trailer lets us know that there are seven people left on Earth and they are probably all shitheads.  We don’t know much else.

OK, I know they like to keep some of the mystery alive, but I really didn’t get much out of this trailer.  Not enough, anyway, to induce me to go see it.

There is a website for the movie, but at this point I don’t really care to scramble around trying to figure out what the hubbub is.  Apparently, these seven remaining folks have to form a new society, but I have no idea why.  I wouldn’t.  Especially if I thought these people were tools.

Whenever a movie pops up that I have so little information on, I just take for granted that it must be a failure.  Given some of the reviews I’ve just read, that seems to be the consensus.

The trailer:

Then there is Paranormal Activity 2.

The first one was a nice little film.  It succeeded due to its simplicity and straight forward nature.  I enjoyed it.  Probably not on the level equal the hype.  I didn’t soil myself in fear or have trouble sleeping for weeks or anything.  However, it had some nice things going for it.  Genre fans certainly have reason to like it.

What are the chances that they F this sequel up?  I see a baby and a dog.  That may not bode well for the movie.  They might surprise us, but I am not holding my breath.  I mean, these people are creating a TV series called “The River” that is going to be about found video footage of people gone missing on the Amazon River.  I’m sure it’ll be grand, but I’m not sure it’ll ever make it to your TV.

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