Who’s going to Suck?

Suck, the movie, you cretins.

This is one of those films that could either hit on all cylinders (Sean of the Dead) or just fail completely at even low-brow comedy (Vampires Suck).  I’m betting it fits solidly in between.  You probably won’t be adding this to any list of overlooked genius, but I doubt you’ll have to leave in a fit either.  Hopefully it’s worth the price of admission, which is getting harder and harder for movies to live up to these days.

The trailer doesn’t leave you salivating, but it is intriguing.

There is almost nothing serious going on, which could be just the thing to help with the dour, pasty-faced emo-Vamp exhaustion that many have contracted.

The film boasts the likes of Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Malcolm McDowell, Dave Foley, and Alex Lifeson.  How can it not have some good bits?

Iggy has a lot to say after all.

The talent is eager to go straight to hell

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