Another petty beaurocrat with a lightning bolt

Cronus Carrying Off Two Infants Alabaster Widm...

Image by mharrsch via Flickr

The Gods are crazy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them to pieces.  They certainly love us to tiny little pieces.  Pieces parts.

I was watching “Clash of the Gods” on History International this evening.  I managed to catch an episode about Zeus and his efforts to take over the world.  Zeus and his pop, Cronus, have a little scuffle.  It’s a battle royale of Titans vs Olympians! (called the Titanomachy)

You snack on a few of your kids and the next thing you know, everyone turns on you.  Ungrateful wretches!

Zeus later went on to punish the puny humans for eating each other because it brought back bad childhood memories.  Such a prick!

What I managed to see of the episode was pretty entertaining.  If nothing else, Stan Bernard narrates.  The sound of his voice makes me think something mysterious and grand is going down.


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