bad dog

Click click click… click click

The man burrows his head into a pile of couch cushions; desperate to recapture any shred of his former sleep state. The darkness outside has not yet vacated for the advancing morn. There remains few precious hours before he is compelled by the obligations of the day.

She never rests. Even after a 5am run. The big dog’s claws on the hardwood are resonant amidst the early morning silence.

Click click click

Her pacing upstairs is frenetic and restless. The man, at least, is not getting any rest.

“GO LAY DOWN, FOR GOD’S SAKE!” He shouts to the ceiling. Wishing. But knowing that she rarely listens if there are squirrels on the move.

Yet the pacing stops. Even a rebel heart sometimes listens. Though only briefly. Like a child waiting for her parent to be distracted before resuming a crayon mural masterpiece on the bedroom wall.

The pause is long enough for the man to rediscover the edge of slumber.

Click click…click click…

“KNOCK IT OFF” His exasperation is palpable as the minutes tick toward another day of drudgery.

The man hears a quick retort this time. A low, guttural snarl. He is always amazed at the pure animal nature of his companion. An early commuter or neighborhood dog, and not the man, is most likely the object of her unbridled rage. Nevertheless, the sound can be felt in the bowels and is always unnerving.


He swings his foot to the floor…and nearly steps on the dog huddled against the wall.

Click click clickclick clickclick

Brandy looks pitiably up at her man and whines frightfully as the pace of the nearing footfalls increases…


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2 Responses to bad dog

  1. autumnforest says:

    I suggest putting socks on her paws…. Hee hee
    Happy sleep.

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