Dante and Virgil in Hell

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Institute of Frontier Science!  It’s like your friendly IF space here, but with S.  I don’t have much S here.  Not usually, but that’s because I don’t want to put anyone to sleep.  I’m not sure they have much S either, but it says so.

I really don’t feel like ripping on them much at this time (maybe later, who knows).  I just thought I would point it out.  It doesn’t actually seem any different from any other similar activity surrounding Ufology.  You will note some familiar names if you are into this kind of thing.

I read the pages on the site, but not the articles (yet).  I will say that there are some things that could be tightened up, but maybe they like it the way it is.  Lord knows, I have been known to do that.  Hell, sometimes I am purposefully obtuse, irritating and may be perceived to be grammar-challenged (shows you what you know!)

I will, however, offer that I see a trend toward the familiar.  Be wary IFS folks.  Be wary.  I will assume good intent (foolish, I know), the rest is up to you.

I will also toss out a few other ideas:

  • Annoyingly long personnel titles are, in fact, annoyingly long.
  • Nobody can define their own credibility.
  • The hyphens.  I assume (hope) this is due to a hand designed page requiring hyphens at column edges that has been edited after the fact (and thus displacing those carefully placed hyphenations).  Either way.
  • Phenomenon/Phenomena.  You know what I mean.
  • Empiricism and Rationalism are in a sinking boat….one has a supposedly properly fitted plug, the other has a life vest of dubious sizing and their child is standing on a dock a mile away with a dead cellphone.  Knowledge is not paying much attention to any of them.  Who has more green M&Ms?  Take your time.  There is no half credit.
  • Pendant Drop Method.

Good luck and god Speed, people.

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digital verbal smog creator improbablefrontiers.com
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