Russian Expedition

Bigfoot Crossing

Image by Chiceaux via Flickr

As reported by ITAR-TASS and everybody else.

Researcher Igor Burtsev is determined to find irrefutable evidence of an uncatalogued hominid in the Russian mountains.  He is going to do this in 10 days time.  Igor has been on the hunt before and claims to have seen indications and other such stuff that indicate the presence of a bigfoot type creature.  We shall see.  Or not.  Probably not.

Burtsev is probably best known around here for being involved in a Tennessee investigation years back.  The Carter Farm biznass was/is one of those “famed” cases (another link).

Remember this post about the UFO in the Shoria Mountain region?  We can all refer back to that map since this expedition will be going there.  Maybe they will find UFOs as well.

Tip ‘o The Hat:  GhostTheory


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2 Responses to Russian Expedition

  1. Autumnforest says:

    They need a Russian expedition, but was Tom Biscardi too busy? hee hee
    Seriously, it seems most likely that if BF originated in China, trekked through Russia to the straits to come to America like the Native Americans, then he might have evolved differently. If it’s true that Native Americans and Chinese share DNA, then it might be that place and isolation changes characteristics. We know what North American BF is described as an Yeti in China, but what’s Russia got? Hmm…

    • I.M. Pangs says:

      I am anxiously awaiting the trip’s findings. Though, my imagining of some expeditions finding BF goes sort of like this….

      *rustling noises*

      “what was that”

      *something falls in the forest – a rock maybe?….followed closely by huffing and grunting*


      *strong musk odor as the satanic eyes of a forest predator peek from behind a large tree*


      *lots of running ala scooby doo and shaggy*

      “Did you get a pic?”


      “At least the voice recorder was running”

      “Ah, about that….”

      “Well, let’s go back and cast some tracks”

      “No way”


      *A startled raccoon wanders away from the recently vacated camp; wondering why everyone ran away from him”

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