Playing Now in The High School Gym…The Devil’s Hound

The other night (maybe yesterday?  I don’t know) I had the joy of watching Werewolf:  The Devil’s Hound on Chiller.

My first shocked impression was that I was actually watching a community play version of a bad horror movie.

My second, even more shocked, impression was that it was ridiculously funny as a community play.

I think it might have been filmed on an iPhone.

I had been flipping back and forth while watching something else and doing other things, so I hadn’t really looked up at it.  Just listened a minute or two during my few lulls.

When I finally watched, I saw what must be described as a sort of Van Helsing type character.  The fellow, Kwan, was dressed absurdly and carried a doctor’s sort of bag full of stakes and goofy props.  He was in the midst of an oration about his methods and the sad fact that he has no gadgets or impressive tools, finishing with something along the lines of “so…you’re stuck with me.”

I was mesmerized at the awfulness.  I was laughing my ass off.  The over-the-top bad comedy was almost enough to offset the atrocious horror sequences.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie was horrifyingly awful.  You won’t like it.   Me?  I was in hysterics.

You see, Kevin was bitten by a female werewolf.  Worse than that, it’s breeding time and she’s gonna have pups come hell or high water.  Kevin’s pals are in deep shite.


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