Humpday Hoverers!

I saw discussion of October 13th alien visits a time ago, but ignored it.  I was reminded by this piece on GhostTheory.

This dood, Stanley A. Fulham, is letting us know that some alien ships will be hovering over major cities for a while.  I guess the Transcendors have been chatting with the man through a famous channeler for a number of years (everything is fine, don’t look behind that curtain, nothing to see here, everything is on the up and up).  The Earth is polluted and they feel like they should mention it to us.  Pretty nice of them, really.  How would we have figured it out on our own?

Now, Stan says this will happen on October 13, 2010.  That isn’t nearly enough time for me to read up on these Transcendors.  I hope I don’t puke on the Transcendor Prime Minister at a formal state dinner.  Unless they are into that sort of thing.  Which is fine.  Who am I to judge?

Why does anyone ever bother with the specific date for these things.  I suppose there are a number of factors:

  • They are unfazed by massive failures of specific predictions.  They could always be right on the next one.
  • A sense of urgency is good to piqué people’s interests.  This is on WEDNESDAY, man!  Are you hearing me!  WED-NES-DAY!  They’re going to cut into Ghost Hunters for this!  Adjust your DVR NOW!
  • By making such specific, verifiable and grand predictions, they want to seem less like con artists.  Whether you are or are not a con artist, it is helpful to not appear to be one.
  • I think you get the picture.  If not, see me after class.

Besides, Stan also said the Trans aliens may not show up.  Shit happens, ya know.  They can probably make it this year some time.  He’ll get back to us.

I am supposed to go out with a buddy on Wednesday night.  What are you going to do on Transcendor Visitation Day?  Maybe we should take a pilgrimage to Fatima, given the date.

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3 Responses to Humpday Hoverers!

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Hmm…. I say we give them blankets with smallpox embedded. We’re good at that kind of greeting.

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