Random Videos

Perusing vids today while watching soccer.  (England tied Montenegro in a Euro 2012 qualifier.  Didn’t even score.  WTF?)

I like the simplicity of this one.  Most vid creators try to do too much.

Of course, no info as to what they were attempting to do here like the typical “my friend and I were filming the open door for a school project” or whatever nonsense they come up with.  No sound will also make a skeptical eye look sternly.  Additionally, you can see the reflection of the person on the counter.

Here’s another one.  Thermal this time.  Alleged figure at 36 seconds.

Thermal is particularly unhelpful without corresponding video.  Another thing that always annoys me is that the figures be in the high temperature range on these thermals.  Are we under the impression that a ghostly figure would be on par with the living human temperature range?

And finally, some orbs.  The videographer seems to think this is clear evidence of something.  It isn’t, however it at least doesn’t seem like a put on…or does it?  I would play it that way too.  Either way, overly spookified intros from So and So Para Video Production Craftwerx or whatever is always a little sketchy in my book.  Though I do like “orbphasm” as a word.  It fumbles in the mouth a little, but in a pleasantly gobstopperish fashion.

I could spend all day looking at these goofy videos.

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