Orionids coming ’round again

deep sky image of the constellation Orion

Image via Wikipedia

The Orionids are another gift from Halley’s Comet (also the Eta Aquarids in May).

Peaking the morning of Thursday, October 21 at 1o AM.

A full moon on the 22nd will make this one difficult for viewers.  However, look toward the radiant in the Orion constellation now for an increase in activity that will eventually peak on Thursday.

The best opportunity for North American viewers will be in the pre-dawn hours of the 18th, 19th and 20th.   Check for the best times in your area on this chart.

They’re out there whether we see them or not.




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2 Responses to Orionids coming ’round again

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Well, that’s not fair! It’s never ever ever ever cloudy here except now through the next week. Jeez!

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