Orion on the Hunt


Orion the Hunter

Image by bbusschots via Flickr


Orion was as clear as a bell very early this morning.  Even with the huge moon, the constellation was blazing in a cold, cloudless sky.

It was a good morning for the dog and I to look skyward for celestial moving objects.  Certainly not as horrid a viewing period as I expected.

You still have to be aware of your feet, lest you end up sprawled in a pile of wet leaves and other forest detritus.  By detritus, I mean unidentified gunk that you really hope you don’t figure out the origin of.

I think I need to take another shower.


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4 Responses to Orion on the Hunt

  1. autumnforest says:

    Sounds magical, actually. I bet it was chilly, huh?

  2. Run old dog. If I were old dog I’d run too.

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