Helloooooo, I’ve made it to 1928. Please send cookies. STOP

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So….man needing to promote himself and his film work finds evidence of time traveler in his Charlie Chaplin box set.  YouTube happens.  The Interzone is thrilled to again have something to argue about.

This is one of those new things.  Find old film (still or video, it’s up to you) and then claim someone in it is clearly a time traveler because, well, there is no other logical explanation.

Those time traveling arseholes are taking the waving while on a cell phone bit a little too far.  LOOK, I’M ON FILM!  CAN YOU SEE ME! I’M THE ONE ON THE PHONE WAVING AROUND LIKE A FUCKSTICK!  CAN YOU SEE ME!  AM I ON YOUTUBE YET?

One thing is for sure, it couldn’t be an ear trumpet (Urlesque commenter Joseph Taylor came up with that ridiculous thought).

Another point to consider is that there were no crazy people back then.  Bat shit crazy is totally new, so there is no chance it’s that weird guy that lives under the overpass who wears fifteen layers of clothes and sometimes snarls at you while you are waiting at the traffic light.

Everyone and their mother’s mother has pointed out the lack of cell towers back then, but I’m pretty sure that’s a sat phone and you know the Future Chinese are going to go back in time and put satellites all over the place.  So, that blows that time travel misinformation attempt out of the water.  You people aren’t really trying hard enough.

Maybe we should bust out the Ouija and ask Charlie himself.  He always had strong opinions.

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2 Responses to Helloooooo, I’ve made it to 1928. Please send cookies. STOP

  1. We had some time travelers next door at work. Why do they always seem to wind up in WW2 Normandy?

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