Hello, Dolly

You have to love the dramatic read on this

Link to a story about the doll in question.

That sumbitch is creepy looking, I’ll give you that.  Not that most dolls aren’t.

Hilariously, the article gives us these possibilities

What had caused this? Had, as the Express suggested “demonic forces set to work”?

Or was it like Dorian Gray’s portrait, and had withered and aged?

For whatever reason it had happened, the family were not keeping it and gave it away.

Quick Google searching tells us that old dolls suffer serious degradation when kept out of a specific temp range (65-70 degrees), when left touching wood (LIGNIN – it burns, it burns!), and from exposure to artificial lighting.  Most doll preservation sites agree, for gods’ sake, don’t leave the damn thing in the attic!

I’m going to go way out on a limb and suggest it might have been a type of wax doll having suffered due to improper storage.  Now, the creepy results may have been due to natural causes; however, you can be damn sure that doll will get them for allowing this to happen.

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2 Responses to Hello, Dolly

  1. I was about to type Hello, Dolly, then I noticed you already had. Bastard.

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