Where is the Phantom of the Park?

Six Flags New Orleans. Amusement park in Easte...

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We loved him in Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park and I’m sure you’ll all be wondering why he doesn’t make an appearance in this swell video taking a tour through the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans.

CLOSED      F OR       STORM on August 27, 2005, the park remains closed today.

You gotta love taggers.  We have reference to Zombieland (nicely located  next to the idiotic dancing man, who is an actual zombie in my opinion and you probably don’t want to click that link) and the impending 2012 alien invasion.

The music fits and the tattered, flittering flags add nicely spooky movement in the background.

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4 Responses to Where is the Phantom of the Park?

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Oh, man! I’d kill to get in there and walk around. I’ve always wanted an old scrambler bench or tilt a whirl bench all rusted and aged for a garden seat.

  2. It’s still the same old story. Some charismatic guy shows up and convinces a bunch of people to follow him onto a bus (or a train, or into a cave, accounts vary) never to be seen again leaving only loss and a deserted village.

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