Walking Dead and Other Zombies

The Walking Dead

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People seem to be liking the new zombie show Walking Dead on AMC.

Not surprisingly, it isn’t an original story.  It was taken from a well-known comic series of the same name.  Well-known if you knew of it.

I’ll admit that I had heard of it.  I never did take a look at it.  I’m not generally a comic guy.  I don’t care what you cats say, the writing generally blows ass.  I enjoy the art, but other than that, I rarely get into the stories.

So far, this Walking Dead on TV thing is working out.  I found the first few episodes pretty good.  As usual, I didn’t find it very revolutionary or nearly as exciting as other folks, but that’s just me.  It certainly has potential and I’m going to give it a chance to achieve that potential.  At least for now; Sundays are tough.

If you don’t care about getting spoiled, there is an interesting article at Topless Robot listing 15 moments from the comic that they don’t expect to see in the TV show (THAT WAS A WARNING – I don’t have any idea if any of the acts in that list will be on the show, but you could probably gather something about the plot direction).  The moments are generally marked by extreme violence and, for the most part, would maul the delicate sensibilities of the average TV audience.

You can kind of see where the show is going anyway.  I hope the sensibility of the comic where nobody is safe will be evident on the show.  I doubt it, but you never know.  TV shows last usually due to attachment to the characters.

I also recently caught Dead Set on IFC.  It doesn’t really have the raw production power that Walking Dead has, but I enjoyed it.  Dead Set is a series that aired a few years ago on E4 in the UK.  It has the usual zombie apocalypse nonsense, but sets it in the Big Brother UK house.

I know you’re thinking, hey if you have brainless reality TV maroons and zombies, the zombies are going to starve, right?  Possibly, but they’ll be some wacky hijinx in the interim.  I particularly enjoyed a scene with a trash pail, a man with an explosive bowel issue, and a wannabe starlet all trapped in a room.  Even the zombies were horrified.

I just love a little humor in my gruesome horror stories.  Plus, the show was nominated for a BAFTA for “Best Drama Serial” and the whole thing was only five episodes.  A short run allows for just the kind of dramatic shakeups that I’m hoping Walking Dead can emulate from its source material.

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4 Responses to Walking Dead and Other Zombies

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Blows ass. I’m stuck on that expression, Pangs. You always entertain me. I agree–not a comic person and the series appears to be Dawn of the Dead remake redone, but hey I’d rather see zombies on TV than reality bimbos with blue eyeshadow and fake tans–they fucking scare me!

  2. I was saving this one for later, but later has come and gone and I still have no comment on this one. It seems too easy.

    • I.M. Pangs says:

      That’s the thing about zombies. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Hardly worth bothering. Next thing you know, they’ve overrun the Hortons and all the donuts have zombie smegma on them.

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