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alien sex fiend - ticket

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I was reading about Meng Zhaoguo.  Apparently, back in 1994, this fellow made some mad love with an Amazonian alien babe.  She (do we even know this for sure?) was 3 meters tall (that’s around 9.8 feet), had six fingers on each hand and had braided leg hair.  You can read more here and in this Time article from 2003.

The unlikely couple did the deed for 40 minutes.  While levitating.

I would like to remind people of how troublesome weightless sex is, lest you all rush out and get hurt trying.  The Octuri website informs us:

Weightlessness sex must respect a few rules. The idea of zero gravity may mislead people into thinking that it’s a total freedom, while it actually is not. In a weightlessness context, any action triggers a reaction. Hence, one should be particularly attentive not be sent across the capsule and smash into the wall.

A specific mechanism is used to keep the bodies together. There are several possible solutions, such as wrapping structures or outfits equipped with a strapping system to keep the bodies together.

Perhaps the alien partner had some kind of device.  Given the situation, I’m not sure we can count on Meng to get all the details down.  It’s possible whatever device she used to keep from flying into walls while in the throes of passion was made of iron, contributing to Meng’s acquired fear of iron.  The fear of iron came before the sexing up incident, but after supposed initial contact.  They were probably fitting him out for the device at that time.

It is also mentioned that Meng passed a lie detector test.  I wouldn’t read too much into that.  Those machines aren’t truth detectors.

It seems that Meng is going to be the father of some hybrids.  I’m always curious why these aliens choose such a traditional method for hybrid creation.  Obviously, they are able to ensure a nice Meng-Alien with only one copulation, so they are sophisticated in some aspects of repro at least.  Maybe they were too busy working on interplanetary warp drives and learning to speak Chinese to get fully up to speed on test tube babies.  Or perhaps they have some kind of societal issue with tubies.  Poor Meng-Alien would have enough trouble on the playground being a hybrid without being a tubie too (doobie doobie doo).

Meng isn’t the first to get pleasured by space women.  There have been plenty of accounts.  Personally, I like the tale of Antonio Villas Boas.  He was plowing his fields when he got to plow some alien field…wink wink.  His partner was a five foot tall, white-haired (red pubic hair), blue-eyed alien.  Boas got picked up by some doods in overalls, lost some blood in the ordeal, got naked and covered in gel, drugged and sexed.  Makes you pine for those Saturday nights of our younger days, don’t it?

I once had a dream that I had a little lovin’ with a red-headed tree-woman.  It was very loving.  Stop laughing.  I’m sorry I brought it up.

Anyway Boas, it seems, has also been tasked with fathering the next gen.

Other freaky fliers from the early age of UFO lore:  Howard Menger, Truman Bethurum, Elizabeth Klarer.  I think the 1950s lore is more loving.   The 1970s and later descriptions were more likely to contain violence and unwanted experimentation.  Interested folks are pretty well aware of the more lurid tales that alleged contactees report these days.  Did popular culture fuel this change or did this change in alien sexual deviancy fuel popular entertainment culture?  The lizard people running Hollywood are sure to have some influence on this, no doubt.  I suppose we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the very evil nature of humans has rubbed off on the poor beings of light sent to warn us of our evil ways and our planet-destroying nature.  They’ve gone native.  Wouldn’t that be a disaster? Just think, we might have infected the whole Universe with our bullshit.

It is also interesting to note that the 2003 Time article discusses just how much the Chinese had going for them as far as UFO culture.

In a country that bans “evil cults” and monitors faith in anything but the Communist Party, a belief in extraterrestrial life is one of the few fringe convictions that’s been allowed to grow into an organized movement. The government-approved China UFO Research Center boasted 50,000 members and held annual conferences before splintering into competing factions three years ago. A 20-year-old Chinese bimonthly magazine about UFOs enjoys a circulation of 200,000. “We have so many visitation reports that if people don’t have pictures, we won’t bother investigating,” says Zhang Jingping, director of the Beijing UFO Research Association.

Chinese fascination with interplanetary life isn’t entirely new. Believers point to a 4th century text called the Collected Legacies, which describes a “moon boat” that floated above China every 12 years. Today’s focus is on the science of UFOs—something tolerable to a Chinese Communist Party that advocates “scientific socialism.”

With all the recent sightings Over There and our man Wang Sichao getting so much pub, people have been assuming the Chinese were only just getting into it.  I am getting the feeling we Westerners, as usual, just have no clue what the Chinese are up to.

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