Tales From Beyond the Pale

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“Audio tales for a digital age.”

Talesfrombeyondthepale.com offers a number of thirty minute downloadable audio stories.

Haven’t actually listen to any of these yet, but I will give it a go and report back.

I see Ron Perlman and Doug Jones as voices for “This Oracle Moon”.

A rescue team of astronauts is dispatched to a distant moon in hopes of reclaiming survivors from an ill fated exploratory mission sent six years prior. When no survivors are found, the rescuers turn their attention to the elusive creatures inhabiting the nearby hills for answers.

Vincent D’Onofrio appears in “Man on the Ledge”.

A man reflects on his life — and imminent death — while perched on a ledge overlooking Manhattan. Through a series of surprising reveals, what begins as a touching soliloquy on human frailty slowly devolves into a psychotic screed as our ledge-dweller’s misdeeds are brought to light.

Sounds intriguing.


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5 Responses to Tales From Beyond the Pale

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Hmm…I’m taking a long road trip soon, this might be the ticket. Thanks!

  2. thalis says:

    love this article. thanks for the good material.

  3. Ledges are a good place to reflect upon things. I have done that.

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