Knowledge is more important than life

I just watched the classic movie The Thing from Another World (1951), often referred to as simply The Thing.

It’s a great old film.  Tons of themes and whatnot going on, not the least of which is the attitude of Dr. Carrington, who uttered the line that titles this post.

The movie is essentially the story of what happens at an arctic research center when a being from another world is discovered….and thawed out.  The Air Force and the scientists (including one Dr. Voorhees – no relation, I presume) represent the battle between safety and security (the military) and our curiosity and drive for new knowledge (SCIENCE!) in a post-Hiroshima world.

We also get a vision of an alien creature (played by James Arness) that is truly alien, being something similar to a plant and subsisting on blood.  This was a departure from the creature in the material the film was inspired by (“Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell) and which was recaptured in the 1982 movie, The Thing (also a fun movie).

The movie-craft itself is excellent.  It exists in the moviespace before extreme gore and does its horror titillation through more subtle means.  There really aren’t any bad guys in this movie and it certainly lacks the grit of the 1982 movie, but it’s till a good 87 minute ride for genre fans and anyone willing to let it stand on its 1951 legs.

The real takeaway for me, however, was that I couldn’t stop thinking about this:


Thomas Jane and Kenneth Tobey are the same time travelling movie actor!

Thomas Jane vs Kenneth Tobey (who played Captain Patrick Hendry)

My mind would not let it go.


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6 Responses to Knowledge is more important than life

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Jeez, I just watched that two nights ago! I’m a freak for 50s SciFi movies and Bigfoot documentaries. My life stops when either is on the tube. Dr. Carrington is one of my favorite classic characters from that genre. I’m laughing my ass off at the photo comparison. Excellent!

  2. iZombie says:

    greetings… i wanted to let you are the one in my mind… and was the closet to getting my little whisper of a story… and you get a award for it…

    thanks so much, i was worried… and i did not play by the rules.
    jeremy [iZombie]

  3. Nobody plays by the rules anymore.

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