The Devil Ain’t in the Details


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I watched Devil yesterday.

I didn’t have high expectations.  In that, the film met expectations.

The basic plot involves people, who we all know are scum, an elevator and someone who is not just not what they seem, but is just itching to make that elevator uncomfortable.

It seemed like that might have had the makings of something.  In this incarnation, it didn’t.

It was fairly boring.  Every step of the way, you got what you were looking for.  Take a look at that elevator.  One person was going to use the stairs, but…  One person was not going to make it and was let on… One person was not going to make it, was told “sorry” and managed to get a paw in to keep the doors from closing….

You get the idea.  Nothing in the movie was new.

The action was so mundane as to be mundane.  Some schmo will try to tell you that El Diablo works that way.  It isn’t fire and brimstone, it’s the humdrum evil we put upon one another each and every day.  Sure, but who the fuck wants to watch that?

There were some bloody encounters on the elevator.  We didn’t see them.  The lights go out for those.  We didn’t see the fall.  We didn’t see the electrocution (I’m not spoiling these, you know a mile earlier than the turnoff each time).

Maybe that’s good.  Too much gore doesn’t necessarily do any favors for us.  Still, I needed something…anything…to ramp up the tension.  Particularly since we know exactly what is going to happen.  Right up to the very end.  The bitter end.  The sad, sappy, stupid end.

At least it wasn’t long.

Yet it was still massively short on drama, interest, depth and flair.

This movie had the basic ingredients to provide at least one horror movie staple.  It failed.  It doesn’t make you think.  It doesn’t make you cringe.  It doesn’t make you yelp.  It doesn’t make you smirk, smile or gape.  It doesn’t make you care.  It doesn’t entertain.

The motions.  They went through them.

So did I when I watched it.

I should have just gone outside and played in the snow.


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2 Responses to The Devil Ain’t in the Details

  1. Sounds like a lot of performance art events I used to go to. My condolences.

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