Case Closed



I watched Case 39 Sunday morning.  I had completely forgotten this movie existed until I saw it in the DirecTV listing.  Sometimes that is a good indicator that a movie sucks so much ass that nobody even felt like discussing how bad it was.  This happens when there aren’t enough genre fans praising it just to annoy the crap out of the rest of society (see Twilight movies, Saw movies, Star Wars anything, Glee, whatever thing you like that I don’t).

On the other hand, there is a chance I was fluxing between phaze shifts in my Personal Bubble and just wasn’t listening.

This is one of those movies that is just sort of there.  I didn’t hate it.  I didn’t really care.

I did manage to watch until the very end.  I wasn’t horrified or particularly surprised.  I never really wondered about anything.  The gist of the thing shouted out loud early on.  No mistaking the direction the movie was going.  At all.

Rene Zellweger was fine.  I don’t think she was stretched artistically, but she managed the role without falling into a bucket of utter failure.  You can’t always count on that from actors, so it was a definite plus.  On the other hand, I find her strange to look at.  It comes and goes.  Like looking at a demon trying to force its will onto her facial features.  One minute she looks proper.  The next, I wonder what the hell is wrong with her.  Unfortunately, it didn’t fit her role to have that duality.

The child was played by Jodelle Ferland.  This girl has done a shit ton of work for such a youngster.  Eclipse, Seed, The Messengers, Silent Hill, Supernatural (1 episode), Kingdom Hostpital, They, Ice Quake (fuck, yeah), and numerous other TV and movie projects.

She did a decent enough job.  Kids are wicked to start out with anyway.  Ferland didn’t fall short in bringing that experience to the screen.

I don’t really have any strong feelings whatsoever about the film.  It just didn’t get at me in any meaningful way.  It lacked massive ridiculousness and so was hard to really laugh at.  It didn’t go anywhere near award winning content.  Nothing gripping or new.  No edge of your seat moments for me.  Even a scene with wasps that had potential to make me squirm….just didn’t.  I watched it without emotion.  Not even the combination of wasp and eyeball got me.  How can that be?

I don’t know.  Too much of the same old.  Too little story.

We really never get to know the evil.  It just is.  I don’t always need clear answers, but I didn’t even get any sense that the characters even had questions.  There is Great Evil and everyone sort of just wonders….ok, what do you suppose we should do?  I had a similar reaction when I was trying to keep the squirrels out of my bird seed.

The resolution unfolds as expected and there is no joy or sadness in it.  It breeds a sense of relief.  Primarily that the whole thing has come to an end.


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6 Responses to Case Closed

  1. autumnforest says:

    Wow, sounds mind numbing. I sometimes feel more cheated by these kinds of movies than ones that are just out and out awful. It’s okay enough to watch, but it never really climaxes and so it’s like sex. Having sex is better than not having sex, but having so-so sex is not fully satisfying so you feel a bit cheated but then you also can’t complain because you just had sex. You know what I mean? My point is getting lost as my mind is now distracted by sex.

  2. Too much so-so. Not enough go-go. That works.

    *puts the tools away for today.

  3. I watched this movie that same week you did…crazy.

    It was actually better than I expected it to be, and I had only started watching it out of boredom. The kid was pretty creeptastic.

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