Looks like the JPF

Some blokes in Israel uncovered a 1,500-year-old church.

The location has a well-preserved mosaic floor complete with animal pictures.  Nice looking excavation.

It will be covered in soil in no time “for its own protection.”  I’m not sure that’ll be enough.  Maybe some guard animals would help.  Lions would be great.

A few days ago, I watched an entire two hours of infotainment about excavations; the trouble presented by bandits and thieves in Central and South America.  No different here.  The activity of thieves alerted researchers to the site.

Where do you think these plunderers are getting all their learnins from?  It seems that, unlike the tall tales of Indy and his colleagues, the good guys are always way behind the ruthless antiquities black market pirates.

You have to think much of it is due to the constant twisting of our written history on the part of the Time Traveling Elite.  Only searchers who are privy to the local tribal verbal histories can be certain of their information.  The Institutionally Backed Hunter will always be on a goose chase.

That’s really not the point anyway.

The real thing to see here is how a person could generate solid buzz by funding the site with advertising.  Projected images, laser signage.  Some kind of large-headed mascot in rebel robes.  You could repurpose some Showbiz Pizza band robots.  That location is screaming for a theme park.


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2 Responses to Looks like the JPF

  1. Oi, I’m glad the lads got some work at last. Not right it was, them sitting in t’local day and night.

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