Two Strange Peas in a Pod

Janet Leigh in Houdini (1953) #42

Dreamworks bought a script (Voices From the Dead) about Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle solving murders in New York during the 1920s.

As mentioned here, the pairing has been explored before (Nevermore, The Arcanum, Necronauts, The Edge of the Unknown).

Either way, I’m willing to light a tiny spark of hope that this can be something.  Apparently, SyFy is creating “Among the Spirits,” a TV series with much the same premise – so that doubles the odds.  I’m sure some fat cats are simply looking to emulate recent Sherlock Holmes successes, but a stoned koala could stumble these two gentlemen into greatness.

Doyle and Houdini have a story made for the movies.  Two noted men of different minds meet, befriend each other, and are torn apart by a wife and a dead mother while surrounded by the shenanigans of well-heeled 1920s society.


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  1. We all live in Hope.

  2. No silly, I meant Hope, B.C.
    No blueberry fest, but there is a wicked plywood festival every twelfthmonth.

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