It Was Never Like This Before

Winfield Hall, former Woolworth estate, Glen C...

Image by J. Zay via Flickr

In all my time on the beaches of Long Island, I’ve never had the pleasure of stumbling across a decent carcass.

More monster pics by way of Phantoms & Monsters.

The first Montauk Monster was so eerily odd-looking to people that there was not much acceptance of a run-of-the-mill dead thing.  I can’t tell from the pictures of this beast, but it doesn’t look particularly out of the ordinary.

On the other hand, perhaps this is the result of some gruesome bioengineering over at the old Woolworth Mansion.  Perhaps something with four asses.

Just spitballing here.  Feel free to make your own guess.

I also feel it is important to mention that my sister’s dog, Pi, had six toes and a pot belly.

Semi-related to this, I did manage to find a carcass of my own this morning.  It was in the park, down by the river (but not in a van, sadly).  I can confidently identify it as a cat.

It’s kind of gruesome, so you may want to look away at this point (especially if you really, really dig cats).

Even without much degradation to this point, you can see how the remains start to morph into something far more creepy than a cat.

R.I.P. cat

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2 Responses to It Was Never Like This Before

  1. autumnforest says:

    Definitely a cat. I think Montauk was likely a dog, although at first I was sure it was a turtle without its shell. This is great. I got in a really creepy Halloweenie mood today, maybe because it finally freaking rained and got cold here and it’s hot cocoa weather–finally! Now, I find myself in a Halloween mood. A little early, but this post just added to that feel.

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