Told by the Trees

The forest speaks.  If you are willing to listen.


Passing notes.

I think Mother Nature is breaking up with us :(

This is all sorts of rambling.

But surely a pointy-eared devil pointing and laughing (or maybe giving a thumbs up).

Obviously a map, but probably a giant bird (or bat) attacking Texas (or India, depending).

This was all simply to justify doing this:

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6 Responses to Told by the Trees

  1. autumnforest says:

    No–NOT RUSH! I have a weird thing. I sooooo despise the lead singer’s voice, that if I hear Rush, I literally rush away from wherever I am. One road trip my cruel ex put in Rush and I lunged from the backseat where I was sleeping head first to try and turn it off, but he wouldn’t let me. I started singing “la,la,la,la” as loudly as I could. It’s a weird thing. Nails on a chalkboard. I get physically sick. I wonder if I can sue the band? I heard someone was trying to sue a news lady because her voice caused seizures. Hee hee p.s. I think it was a warning like in “The Happening” where the trees a were trying to get rid of us. That tree was trying to communicate to other trees to band against us!

  2. Depending on what?

  3. calan says:

    i see a calf-headed hitch-hiker munching on a rose.

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