Black Sheep

How long does it take to watch a movie?

As long as it takes.

I finally got around to watching the end of Black Sheep.  In this instance, it had little to do with the quality of the movie and lots to do with my movie-watching quirks.

I am going to score this one slightly better than average.  Why?  Because of the sheep.  If you imbue your average sheep with a hidden agenda and unchecked rage, it becomes horrific.  Let’s face it, this is exactly the type of murderous intent you knew lurked behind those beady eyes.  You just needed someone to say it out loud.


See what I mean?

The title refers to our hero, slinking home to the family farm, as well as to those damnable sheep.  Along with the hero and the sheep, you have a greedy genetic engineering scheme, some animal rights folks and a bunch of local yokels.  It’s brother vs brother down on the farm.

I’m sure you can get high and discuss the implications of the themes played out for us until the flamin’ hot cheetos run out.  Here at IF, we are mostly going to ignore that stuff.  We just wanted to watch some action without worrying about Man vs Nature and the role of spirituality in sheep farming family structure.

The movie falls in line with most monster films of this sort.  It’s got some gore (oh…ewww!), some humor (OMFG did they really just suggest….oh….whoaaa), and nothing approaching special effects genius (but good enough, thanks to Weta Workshop).

Not scary.  Dark and quirky.  Offbeat.  New Zealandy.

The real specialness is the sheep, the scenery and a cast willing to have fun with the story.  I’m not giving it any awards, but I didn’t turn it off in disgust.  You could do worse with a Sunday afternoon.  How many times can you watch The Cutting Edge anyhow?



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4 Responses to Black Sheep

  1. autumnforest says:

    Seriously, dude, you watch anything, don’t you? You crack me up!

  2. Watch them all tonight please. I can’t wait.

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