Two cryptozoologists walk into a bar…

The third one didn’t believe it.

Spats make everything classy.  Especially in Bigfootery.  Good bigfoot spats are the highest expression of the human condition.

Besides, Bigfoot looks like a fly-ass mofo in them.

Animals with canes.  Can’t beat ’em.

And since Chester A Arthur is a badass…

T-shirts are voices for the times, man.

The Stalwarts should have looked at Chester’s shirt a little closer.  He wasn’t laughing with them.

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digital verbal smog creator
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4 Responses to Cryptospats

  1. autumnforest says:

    Sir Critter, huh? Well let’s not rush the process. There will be time enough in zoo captivity for BF to be humanized, especially once someone tosses him a Krispy Kreme.

  2. You HAVE been busy. Most commendable.

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