Not so wily

A coyote managed to get itself stuck between a rock and a hard place.  In this case, jumping off a bridge or running through traffic.

The animal got itself in a pickle at the south end of Lincoln Park.  He looks healthy, just a bit put off by the hubbub of neighborhood traffic and early season construction in Lincoln Park.  (Google Map location)

The park paths go under W. LaSalle Dr. at a couple of places just east of Stockton Dr.

View South from W. LaSalle at Stockton (via Google Maps street view)

View North at W. LaSalle and Stockton (via Google Maps street view)

As you all know by now, Chicago coyotes are common sights these days.  The animals have reestablished themselves and are thriving.  What is most interesting about this story is the caption that Yahoo provided with the YouTube video.

A coyote lost its way Monday when he wound up perched on a Lincoln Park bridge railing. While Chicago prides itself on animal-friendliness this furry creature was scooped up by city services.

That last sentence sounds kind of ominous.  I’m not sure if it would be friendly to leave the poor thing perched up there until dark (that traffic wasn’t going to stop until well after the weekday home commute).  I would expect they aren’t suggesting the capture was going to be a bad deal for the critter, but you never know with these jokers.

The Chicago Tribune offered a little more info, which falls in line with the typical treatment here – catch and release.

The coyote, estimated to be about a year old, was removed by an animal care officer about 1:30 p.m. and taken to the animal control shelter.

“The coyote is doing fine,” Travis said. The coyote was very thirsty when it arrived at the shelter and is now getting used to the temporary cage, she said.

The coyote will be moved Tuesday to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, which has locations near Barrington and Itasca.

Whoa!  Even I don’t like trucking my ass way out into the hinterlands.  Say hi to my mother when you get there, Wile E.

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4 Responses to Not so wily

  1. autumnforest says:

    Oh the poor lamb! He’s soooo precious. I had no idea they even had coyotes east of the Rockies. I feel completely out of the loop. We didn’t have them in DC where I grew up, but we had lots of foxes. Poor furry guys.

  2. Necromanticore says:

    A least this story has a happy ending.

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