I’ll Show You Knobby!

This is spectacular.

A North Carolina man, Thomas Byers, claims to have captured the legendary Bigfoot on video.

Unfortunately, the 5-second clip — filmed in Rutherford County on Tuesday — shows little more than a blurry silhouette running across a road, and a sound that Byers alleges to be the creature’s “snarl.”

The blobsquatch video isn’t spectacular, but rather the idea that some nutjob (or mischievous jokester) can offer up something so ludicrously hilarious and have it sweep through news sites like wildfire.

Hey, I’m obviously doing nothing different from all the news outlets that are using this for content.

Of course, I’m laughing hysterically and not feeding you a line about it.  I am not skeptical.  Skeptical would suggest there is a cell somewhere in my body that isn’t positive about what this video isn’t.

I’m also not going to link to the guy’s website.  OK, I lied, I am.  Here it is.  I am going to tell you not to click on it.  You don’t really want to see more of this nonsense do you?  Stop snickering.  No, I am not advising you to email the guy and ask for a better description of the blobsquatch’s dong (or knob, in the parlance of our times).

I hope Biscardi is on his way to confirm the details.

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8 Responses to I’ll Show You Knobby!

  1. autumnforest says:

    I’m sure like Ringling Brothers, Biscardi will sweep in. It’s funny, but now “Knobby” is becoming a current term one uses for something kind of hinky and vague. You know, “the produce that farmer’s market was selling was kinda knobby. I’m not paying $8 a bushel for that!” I fear that all the hoaxes put out there will muddy the waters like fake UFO shots make the determinations even harder. What is up with folks in NC??? I want some of what they’re drinking. Didn’t they have that local dude who shot at BF or something and talked about how “purdy” his long hair was?

  2. I had no idea Kodak Instamatics could shoot video.

  3. Oh gosh! That sounds wonderful! Never mind 2, I’ll take 4!

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