There Are Lights!

Alert the media!

Lights in the sky seen and filmed in Colorado.

Footage like this is pretty common.  What do we get?  Not much.

At some point, the G-men will fess up, won’t they?  Yeah, probably not.

FYI, when I first got hooked into little league baseball, I was on a team called the G Men.  This is a common nickname for the NY Football Giants.  My tiny pea brain could not help but think it was a garbage man thing.  I was much more comfortable the next year when I was on the Devils.

Just because you don’t know something, doesn’t mean it is beyond comprehension.

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5 Responses to There Are Lights!

  1. calan says:

    alien ship. gov’t something. flare balloons. hoax. doesn’t matter. still awesome!

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  3. The lights from Vegas are following you. WTF did you get up to?
    (Though the fact that they seem to have detoured to Boulder does bould well.)

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