Voter Fraud

Collective Madness - Argh!

Image by Sim Dawdler via Flickr

I was looking something up on the Syfy site and noticed that they have a Monster Madness tournament going on, so I clicked through and voted for the first round matchups.

First of all, I can’t stand the setup.  It’s designed by fools.  Fools who are dead set on implementing click-through bullshit everywhere and without care for the innocent Interzone users.  I know something like a top ten list that takes 17 clicks to get through sounds lavish, but it really isn’t.

Secondly, somehow Flu Bird is only getting 37% of the vote vs. Mansquito.  Tell me that isn’t rigged.   They can take their tournament and shove it sideways.

On the plus side, I did come across something called Piranhaconda.  That’s right, kids.  Half piranha, half anaconda, and it’s allllll good.  Produced by Roger Corman and starring Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter.

How can this go wrong?

BTW:  I have no idea what the picture is about, but I felt it had to be left here for your enjoyment anyway.

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4 Responses to Voter Fraud

  1. autumnforest says:

    They need to let the voters pick the next monster combo, but piranahconda sounds ideal!!!

  2. Blood in the water.

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