It Came From The Deep

Article out of China about something washing ashore.

Nothing going on really.  Another of a long line of shoddy articles about nothing new.

The picture is useless.  The article content is nonexistent.  There is no reason to suspect anything beyond “dead whale” unless otherwise discovered.

Of course, according to the article:

Due to the serious decay of the fish’s body, it is almost impossible to identify the species

Well, OK.  That settles that.  Don’t get any stupid SCIENCE! involved beyond a casual visual once-over.  Hey, you know that thing stinks to high heaven.  I’m not going near it for samples and crap like that.

Asps!  You go first!

Someone in China has to be chuckling over this in the grocery store checkout line, don’t they?

On the plus side (or not, depending), I came across this (NSFW or anywhere else :P ) while googling around.  Seemed kind of appropriate, I think.  It makes more sense and carries more gravitas than this article.

You should probably watch this movie as well.  To get a good idea of what modern science is up to, ya know.

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One Response to It Came From The Deep

  1. Autumnforest says:

    My two favorite things in the entire world on my day off–close the blinds, darken the room, curl up and watch Bigfoot documentaries and 1950s B&W SciFi movies! (I spell that SciFi and not Syfy–mind you Syfy channel chastises us “press” to be sure not to capitalize the “f”–they don’t want to be, what? associated with science fiction since they have nothing to do with it?) Anyways, you just got me in the mood for some old sci fi! Wahoo! I just got Netflix. Hope they have someone instant watch I haven’t seen in a while. BTW, that looks like a giant flounder in the picture and that makes me hungry for fish and chips…

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