As the Crow Flies

Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

Image by Tilton Lane via Flickr

The morning run was really spectacular.

I don’t know WTF is going down with me physically, but it has to be an amusing act when viewed from a safe distance.

Let’s just say there was an overage of disgusting bodily fluids discharging from above the neck.  It went kind of like this…..sniffle, gasp, panic, deep breath, farmer’s blow, hack, puke, repeat.

Don’t you worry.  All is well.  Pangs is like a really dumb dog.  I barely even noticed and was wagging a little the whole time.

I just mentioned it to set the scene.  It was also a tad cold and kind of dreary looking.

As will happen (ALWAYS), a number of pre-departure checks were ignored and everything went downhill from there.

  • I did not stuff tissue in my pocket (I always snot up while running, no matter what.  I think the alien implants ooze fluid or something because there is no way a body can produce such a constant flow) or wear anything vaguely cottonish that might be good to hork all over.
  • I did not bring my good camera.
  • I neglected to wear socks for some reason.
  • I left earlier than normal, but not early.  In a sort of hazy zone when the nocturnal animals are gone home and the early birds are still groggy.  In other words, generally devoid of action.
  • I wasn’t wearing my specs, which isn’t much of an issue, but still an odd decision.

Anywho….I had some kind of tale to tell.  Didn’t I?

Yeah, I did.

The upshot of all this is that I managed to spy two crows harassing a very large looking hawk (Pretty sure it was a red-tailed hawk) out of their territory.  It was a pretty epic sky battle.

I couldn’t get my little point-and-shoot out of my pocket in time for a good shot.  Then as they took a break, staring each other down on respective branches, I decided… get just a little closer.  Greedy for a better pic.

Oh, how spoiled I am by my other camera.  If only you could fit its skillz into a waterproof, indestructible case the size of a pack of smokes.

Naturally, they all flew off and I have nothing but memories.

It still made for a good start to the day.  The force of the bird of prey facing off against the criminally cunning crows.

I might try to do a caveman-quality sketch of it if I get a minute tonight.

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