On the Bonnie Banks

I heard something loudly crash into the water as I neared the river this morning.

It sounded like a morbidly obese gnome did a belly flop.

I turned and saw the first splash-echo.  So I moved in closer (and as stealthily as man and dog of two separate notions can), but nothing resurfaced.

I suppose it is possible the gnome had scuba gear.

I really didn’t want to let it go.  If not for the dog, I probably would have stayed there all day.  Perhaps taken up residence with the homeless gent in his lean-to a stone’s throw up the riverbank.  Thankfully, the dog was having none of it and we moved on after a time.

I haven’t actually ever seen a person at this location.  It’s clearly in use, but is too big to actually be a gnome house.  Don’t you think?

Looks a bit shambly from the back, I admit.

But it has nice shrubbery.

Riverfront access.

Spacious kitchen area.

Bird sanctuary.

Local produce.

Smiling, happy neighbors.



I think his champions comment is in reference to the 1977 British Home Championship, but I’m not sure.  I’m also not sure why I think I need to know.

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3 Responses to On the Bonnie Banks

  1. Autumnforest says:

    You know, they actually sell fairy houses. They are adorable little clusters of twigs and forest floor parts. I’d like to think they’d make them for gnomes too. Very beautiful pics–you have quite an eye!

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