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Yup, it’s Friday the 13th and Rebecca Black, Jason Voorhees and Deebo from that Ice Cube movie are looking to hunt you down and make it a day you won’t forget.

Chaucer mentioned Friday as a day when the shit hits the fan.  I think he either didn’t have a 9-5 or he got fired a ton.  We all know it’s best to can people on Friday.  Or just maybe his Friday nights out resembled mine (I’m guessing, given the tales he told).  Regardless, you can read up on this stuff over at Snopes.

I don’t feel like rehashing it.  It is Friday, after all, and I am thinking things are looking up.  Up and out of this desk chair.  It might be a bit cool out, but it isn’t raining right now and it’s not February in Chicago.  Sounds like a good day to me.

Now 13.  What are we gonna do about that?  Nothing, really.  Thirteen is a good quantity.  A baker’s dozen.  Who doesn’t like a free roll tossed in?

But, “The date!” you say, “and the alignment of the planets!”  Well we could go round and round about dates and alignments (my back does seem a touch out of whack) and whatnot.  Should we?  Probably not.

Have you ever watched a table full of scholars argue about calendar systems?  I know some of you have and I don’t want to induce flashbacks.

And trust me, just because there is no 13 on that elevator panel doesn’t mean you aren’t standing on the 13th floor.  This might be Earth-shattering news for some of you folks.  Please remain calm.  Take a moment to catch your breath.

What we can accept for sure is the impact of the F13 superstitions on popular culture.  And for that, we give praise.  We love you Friday the 13th!  You are just damned good fun.

And with that, let’s give tribute to Friday the 13th’s movie contributions…featuring ELO.  Welcome back Mister Blue Sky.

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2 Responses to F13

  1. Autumnforest says:

    I just love how Kevin Bacon goes in the movie.

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